Camp Shiloh 2019

Senior Camp July 28 - August 3 Junior Camp August 4 - August 10

Camp Shiloh Information

Both camps are located at
Delta Lake Bible Conference Center
Pillmore Drive – Rome, NY 13440 

Senior Camp Week – July 28 – August 3, 2019
Junior Camp Week – August 4 – August 10, 2019

What you need to know:

  • During the week of Junior Camp only, there is a day called, “Wacky Wednesday”.  Most campers bring something “crazy” to wear for that morning.  It is NOT mandatory, but most campers do participate.

  • Both Junior and Senior Camp have a banquet on Friday night.  Most campers bring something dressy to wear for this evening.

  • All personal items should have initials marked on the item somewhere.  Camp Shiloh holds lost items for thirty days, then donates them to a local charity.

  • There are no cell phones (or iPods for texting) at camp.  Do not bring them, or please leave them with a parent/guardian at registration.  Otherwise phones will need to be turned in to the director at registration and will be given back at the close of camp.  If a phone is found on a camper it will be immediately turned in to the director.

  • We recommend bringing a sheet to cover your bunk mattress in the cabin.

  • Spaghetti strap shirts are not allowed.

  • Large shirts or athletic mesh shorts will be handed out to campers with immodest apparel on.

  • You will need to pack a swim shirt for use at the waterfront. Both guys & girls are required to wear a shirt when swimming & boating.

  • It's a rocky walk to the waterfront so pack sandals/shoes for it!

  • Bring a Bible & notebook for note taking.

  • Campers may not keep money with them during cam week. We don't want it lost or stolen. We have a camp bank they can hold it in, if they have money with them at registration.

  • Canteen is camp lingo for snack bar, we have it twice a day. Here’s how it works: you buy your canteen card at online registration or at the day of registration (increments of $5 & $10). You can also put money in the bank to get another card during the week. Canteen has: candy bars, chips, water, Gatorade, ice cream & Popsicles, candy, gum & more!

  • Each camper will receive a Camp Shiloh T-shirt @ registration.

  • After camp, all pictures taken by our camp photographer will be uploaded to a platform that supports image sharing and downloading. A link on our Camp Shiloh Facebook page will be posted to give campers & parents access to the pictures.

  • The Shiloh staff post updates & pictures on the Camp Shiloh Facebook every day, even multiple times a day. Keep up with us by following Camp Shiloh on Facebook!

  • If an emergency arises & you need to contact your child, you can call the camp @ 315-336-7210

  • It can be a bit cool in the morning or evenings since we are on the lake. Yet the day usually heats up quite nice.  Pack summer clothes, but also have some apparel to keep you warm. A sweatshirt is definitely recommended.

  • Some campers bring cabin decorations with them & snacks for the cabin.

  • Each camper MUST pass a swim test in order to swim in the deep end of the waterfront.  The swim test is given on the day of arrival.

  • We do our best to accommodate cabin requests, but it’s not always possible. Please keep that in mind. You may only request ONE camper.  If you request more than one, you may not get with either one.  You are only guaranteed your request if your camper and their requested camper, BOTH request only each other.

  • Each camper is put on a tribe: Judah or Gideon, the whole week their cabin will be competing against another cabin of the same age range that is on the opposite team.

  • You earn points for your tribe by doing skits at muster (our gatherings before meals), memorizing scriptures, cabin inspections, winning the competition sports event, cheering at and winning the main event.

Here’s what a typical day looks like:

  • Up by 7am

  • Breakfast

  • Skills class (a variety of options to choose from each day from sports to swimming, boating, zip lining, crafts, painting, archery, music)

  • Chapel

  • Cabin devotions

  • Lunch

  • Competition Sports

  • Canteen

  • Swim, Boat, Rest

  • Dinner

  • Main Event

  • Canteen

  • Chapel