Camp Shiloh 2017

Senior Camp July 30 - August 5 Junior Camp August 6 - August 12


Registration for Camp Shiloh 2017 is now OPEN.

The links below will redirect you to our new camper and staff registration site through Campbrain.

Please follow the instructions given on each page of the registration process.


Early Registration discount ends on June 7, 2017.

Please contact for any registration questions.

Pricing Schedule & Refunds

cs pricing.PNG

**In the event of a camper cancellation prior to the start of camp all monies will be refunded except for the $30.00 deposit.  If camper arrives at camp and registers  but leaves early, refund will be based on % of unused allocated funds (based on time/days spent at camp).  Unused canteen is always refunded.**


Canteen: snack bar available daily for campers.  Cards can be purchased on-line or during registration day at camp.

Camp Registration Policies

Registration opens May 1st of the calendar year.  Registration for NEW applications will close three days prior to the start of each camp week.  (site will remain open for those already registered to make balance payments, upload forms, etc).  If there is an instance where late registration is necessary you will need to contact the registration department directly at

Camp week is automatically chosen based on the birthdate entered during registration process.  Junior Camp ages 8-12, Senior Camp ages 13-19.  Any questions or concerns regarding these age parameters, please contact

All deposits, forms, waivers, and medical releases will need to be completed and received prior to the start of the camp week.  Balances can be paid on the day of registration if not paid in full already.  

We now offer payment by VISA and MC through our on-line registration portal.  Payments can be made at anytime and in any amounts.  This allows you the ability to register more quickly the day camp starts.  Just sign in using your chosen username and password and choose to pay your balance or a portion of it.  We also accept Cash and Checks at anytime during the registration process.